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From Slaughter to Sanctuary

Charlotte has been a permanent resident at Ark of Grace since January 2023. She is a young hackney horse that came to the sanctuary with severe arthritis and deformities in both knees. After further evaluation and consults from several AAEP accredited veterinarians, the animal team implemented a strategic care plan. This includes: daily pain management, supplements, corrective hoof trimming, and dietary restrictions. Both knees have boney changes that developed at birth. The left knee has progressed faster causing it to bow out. These bones have permanently fused together. Unfortunately, radiographs of her right knee show similar changes making us suspect the same thing will happen to that knee.

Charlotte has been a great addition to the sanctuary and we love caring for her. She has opened up and become very comfortable with our animal staff- entrusting us to inspect and monitor her knees daily. She will live the rest of her life care free and loved.

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