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Superhero Cat

Diabetes in felines is similar to humans: meaning there are two types, similar causes, symptoms and tailored treatment plans.

Chester is a 10 year old, long haired, domestic male cat. He was surrendered to the sanctuary after his owner could no longer provide for him. Chester has diabetes along with early hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (slight heart murmur). We are very grateful that we can provide appropriate care for him and found a treatment plan that works. Working closely with our local veterinarians and specialists was crucial in getting Chester to healthy place. Chester will let our animal staff give him injections, take blood, and give oral medications without any fuss. He is a perfect patient! Nutrition also plays a crucial role in monitoring and stabilizing him daily. Every individual at the Ark is always looking out for symptoms and changes in mood/ behavior that would be an indication of high blood sugar. Chester has a forever home at the Ark and we love him dearly. Chester loves everyone back.

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