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  • What do we feed our dogs?
    Missy and Cyrus eat Stella and Chewy raw diet for breakfast and dinner. Toby is on a special urinary care diet. He gets 1 can of Hills Prescription O/C urinary diet 2x daily.
  • What do we feed our cats?
    Our cats are free fed wet and dry food. They like Friskies wet and Sheba wet clicks. The dry food we offer is Blissful Belly and Purina One Indoor Advantage. Chester is diabetic and has specific restrictions/ requirements. Please consult your local veterinarian if you have any questions/ concerns regarding your personal animals.
  • What do we feed our birds?
    The Parrots eat Tops Parrot food mixed with Harrisons Lifetime. As a snack or treat, they get senior nutriberries, nuts, and chopped veggies. The Parakeets eat Dr Harveys Our Best Parakeet Food. We also give them wet parsley as a snack that doubles as a bath. The Cockatiels and Dove get Dr Harveys Colossal Cockatiel food along with veggies and senior small bird nurtiberries.
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