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Getting Diesel for Free

Abandoned and alone with an uncertain future- that’s how we came across Diesel. The sweetest horse, standing at 15.2 hands at 20 years old. Diesel has been enjoying his time under the care of AOG and living out his golden years with Prince.

July 3rd 2024 at 10pm Diesel was found colicing in his pasture. His heart rate was 140bpm, sweating, full body fasciculations, and thrashing around. Colic is a broad term to describe severe abdominal discomfort and he was exhibiting all the clinical signs. Our sanctuary manager raced to the scene, where she got Diesel up off the ground, in the horse trailer and driven to the clinic where he was put on the surgery table. All within 1 hour. The clinical work up suggested a strangulating lipoma on the small colon.

At 6:30 am Diesel got up from surgery and went back into the clinics stall. The take aways from exploratory abdominal surgery included: an obstruction in the small colon, which was no longer there, but there was a small intestinal impaction with a lot of irritation and distention. He is at risk for refluxing and will be staying at the hospital for a minimum of 1 more week. During this time he will be getting fluids, a lidocaine drip, and a slow introduction back to hay and grain while monitored closely for any signs of pain and discomfort. The recovery period is around 10 weeks where he will be on stall rest with sporadic hand walking and grazing on grass.

We are so grateful for everyone’s help during this difficult time. Diesel is on the road to recovery albeit a long one. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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