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Every Ark Needs A Noah

On Wednesday February 14th, the Ark welcomed 10 year old Noah to the sanctuary! Noah, previously Guacamole, is a sulcata African tortoise who came from South Carolina. He was an owner surrender due to no fault of his own and was transported via Airpets International. (We highly recommend them for ground transportation of animals).

These tortoises live up to 100 years and can get over 50lbs! The team had a week to prepare for his arrival and they got started quickly on building an inside enclosure for him. Noah's house amenities include a hide, a pool, several heat lamps, UVB bulbs, and different kinds of substrate for burrowing!

Noah is adjusting well and got a clean bill of health from our exotic veterinarian. Now, we will be working on an outside enclosure for him in the upcoming months. We are very excited to have him! Be sure to check our Ark of Grace Sanctuary Facebook page for more updates!

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