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Blossom Update

On Thursday 4/4 Blossom was experiencing some stomach pains/ discomfort and having slower gut motility. Our AAEP certified veterinarian came to do a full work-up and diagnosis that afternoon. We came to the conclusion that Blossom was experiencing a mild colic or more specifically, a small colon impaction. Impactions are common this time of year in equines due to the fluctuation in temperatures and weather. This could be due to a decrease in water intake. If caught early enough, a quick turn around is possible. It is recommended that you offer your horse regular water, electrolyte water and possibly warm water if your horse will drink it. A strict feeding back plan is implemented to make sure your horse is digesting and defecating appropriately. Blossom was given no hay for that evening and half ration of grain soaked in warm water. Our sanctuary manager checked on Blossom every hour throughout the night to make sure she was comfortable. She pooped several times overnight! YAY! This morning (Friday 4/5) she was given small amounts of hay and soaked grain. She is feeling like herself again!

** Our animal staff follows the instructions given by our equine veterinarians that are also surgeons. **

Thank you to everyone for keeping her in your prayers! Blossom appreciates it!

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